Grampa's Antique Kitchen

why we do it...

In 2000 my wife and I started hunting for vintage kitchen items for our own kitchen. Our goal was to convert our home which was built in 1970, to look as if it were built/furnished in the 1930-40 era. I liked so many different stoves that we found, that I began to collect them for my own enjoyment. Then I set up a display and began adding vintage kitchen sinks, refrigerators and Hoosiers. After a while I decided to turn it into a paying hobby so that I could sell some items that others may be searching for and buy other items for my collection that I did not already have. We love all of the old appliances and furnishings. I am always excited to find another nice sink or appliance that is of a different style or special color. Yes, special color. Not only do we have sinks for example that are white, but we have yellow, mint/ming green, pink, brown, peach and even orchid! The early stoves were available in many of these special colors as well. We hope that we can help you put together your own vintage kitchen that you can enjoy as much as we enjoy ours. 

 Refinished sinks: The porcelain found on these cast iron sinks is a form of ceramic, furnace fired, glass finish. Real porcelain is extremely hard and durable. Refinished sinks are typically not done in new porcelain. They are painted! It may be called epoxy, powder coated or reglazed, but it is still paint. It will not endure many years of serious kitchen use as the ceramic porcelain does. So our sinks are original porcelain finish, yes, even the colored ones.

 Sinks for sale: While we may show you a limited number of sinks that have been previously sold, it is done only to enlighten you as to some perhaps unique styles that you may not have known existed. Many vintage sink sites show many sinks that they have sold and very few that are available. As of Nov. 2015 I had 148 antique and vintage kitchen sinks here in stock.

If I were to list all of the sinks I have already sold it would require many more pages on my site. I also don't think many of you are interested in sinks you can not purchase, but more interested in sinks that are available. So the sinks shown are either currently available styles or represent sinks that we can likely locate for you on a routine basis.

 Please call or email for prices, availability and shipping information. If you have a sink or appliance that you wish to sell me, please include a picture of your actual item, state the price you are asking, the location and your phone number please